Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fan Club in the 1960s

Silvia Jentsch, Roberto Jentsch, Claudete Deleva & Luiz Amorim in 1966.
Pavone fans at a Saturday meeting in São Paulo - 1967 - Anadir, Malú, Sandra Pisani & Silvia.
standing: Walter, Sandra & Silvia. sitting: Luiz Carlos Marra, Luiz Amorim & Malú.
You see Walter Teruo Tetsui in whose house we had the Fan Club first meeting? Well he was lucky enough for Rita Pavone to sing leaning on his shoulder when we went to see her at Teatro Record in São Paulo in 27 April 1965. I was sitting next to him and could hardly disguise my envy.
Rita Pavone meets The Beatles:  Luiz, Paulo Tyba a Beatlemaniac & Silvia - 1968.
Enza Flori is invited by Rita Pavone to get on the stage at Teatro Record in São Paulo, Brazil - April 1965.


  1. o fã clube ainda existe? vcs ainda se reúnem?

  2. caro Isaac,o RPFC existiu entre 1966 e 1970, mas até hoje ainda existem membros que se encontram esporadicamente. Se v. quiser mais detalhes deixe seu e-address ou escreva para: