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this 1964 'L'amore mio' sleeve is rare because RCA Italiana decided on another photo after the 1st batch was out.
The flip-side of said 45 giri. RCA Italiana thought that maybe this San Fracis' image was not his best and released the definite sleeve later in which the Saint's image was expurgated. Poor Francis! 
This is a rarity for 2 reasons: first it is a 45 rpm single with Rita Pavone singing 'Datemi un martello' on one side and The Beatles on the flip-side. Then, the machine operator in this record-factory in Teheran, Iran, was a bit absent-minded and inserted the label not where it should have gone: the centre.
'Remember me' pressed in Cairo, Egypt.
Extended-play released in Spain circa 1964. Note that Spaniards translated song titles into their own language. That doesn't mean those songs are sung in Spanish, they are actually sung in their Italian original. I like the translations though: 'Que dificil es tener 18 años' ('It's hard to be an 18-year old'), 'Ya no tengo vacaciones' (My vacations are kaput) etc.
Rita Pavone's 45 rpm released in Canada.
'La partita di pallone' (The football match) first 'spartito' (sheet-music)  in 1962. 
'Abbiamo 16 anni' sheet-music.
Well, I guess this speaks by itself: it is a card-album about the youngest set in Italian music. One should take note of Dino, who  won the Unknown Contest in 1963, just as Rita Pavone had won it in 1962. Then have a look at Bruno Fillipini who used to date Rita Pavone when she was still an Unkown in Rome in 1962.
Rita Pavone advertising in Argentina.
This music-sheet doesn't really qualify as 'rarity' but this Pavone picture has never been published in Brazil.
Some Argentine thug thought  it was funny to be a racist and a made a complete arse-hole of himself posting this in the Internet.
This is the real thing. Rita Pavone poses with a few New York Black kids for the sleeve of her next Italian 45 release: 'Scrivi!' - 1964.

Big magazine 4 Marzo 1966.
Shocking pink and Miss Pavone... a rare 1964 photo of a sequence which main picture ended up on the sleeve of Brazilian 1965's album 'Ritorna''.
Here's the photo that finally got onto the album cover... I wish I knew the photographer's name!
Rita Pavone in a 1963 promotion photo that served as 'Cuore' sleeve.
Rita Pavone on the cover of Brazilian 'Revista do Radio' - April 1964.
an EP released in Portugal.
1965's 'Lui'/'La forza di lasciarti' 45 rpm released in Japan.
'Questo nostro amore' (Este nuestro amor) / 'La zanzara' (El mosquito); probably a single from Argentina.
Rita meet friends during some summer camping in Italy. Even though the date says November 1966 this photo was taken much earlier; it could be either the summer of 1963 or the summer of 1964, when she traveled with Cantagiro accompanied by The Clevers, a Brazilian rock band even though she was not in competition. 
poster published by 'Giovani' a teen-ager weekly magazine.
RCA Italiana promotion photo for 'Qui ritornerà'.
sheet music for 'Questo nostro amore' and 'Tu guardi lei'.
France's RCA post card - 1965.
In 1965, a group of Catalan intelectuals convinced Rita Pavone, Gianni Morandi, Jimmy Fontana & Donatella Moretti to record their latest hits in the Catalan language. The result is this outstanding EP with Morandi's 'Si no et tingués ja mai més'; Fontana's 'El Món'; Donatella's 'He vist com sorties' & Pavone's 'Ell'. 
sheet-music (spartito) for 'La zanzara' (1966).
1964 Canadian single.


  1. Dear Toto,

    The single "Este nuestro amor"/"El mosquito", is from Argentina.

  2. Thank you, dear Doris, for having corrected me. Yes, the single 'Este nuestro amo' (Questro nostro amore) / 'El mosquito' (La zanzara) is an Argentine issue.

  3. Quanta raridade pra mim. Eu não conhecia quase nada do que foi postado. Fico impressionado com esse acervo. Parabéns.

  4. sono Greca in grecia avevo sentito solo tre canzoni di rita che sentivo quando ero piccola 6 mese fa ho trovato su you tube tutto il lavoro di rita sono rimasta sorpresa ha una voce meravigliosa con colore chi ha superato le octave del piano siete fortunati che sentite ancora questa voce anche io

    1. Brava, Greca... grazie per la visita a il blog...

  5. Dear Toto, revendo com atenção a foto de Rita com fãs, conclui-se que esta foto foi tirada no verão italiano de 1963, pois Rita está muito jovem e o negativo da foto, aqui no blog publicada, foi revelado em novembro de 1966.

    1. dear Doris, I think you're dead right. This must be the summer of 1963 judging by her hair style wich was short but ful on at the front... it could also be the summer of 1964 when she traveled with Cantagiro... she was back from Brazil then... and her hair was like that.