Sunday, 13 January 2013

Brazilian romance 1964

This is where everything started. Teddy Reno allowed his 'ward' to sing at 'Reino da Juventude', a TV weekly show compered by DJ Antonio Aguillar on Saturday, 20 June 1964. Teddy said Rita would NOT sing at his show due to contrat's obligations. But as soon as Rita entered the stage of Teatro Record, Brazilian rock band The Clevers started playing 'Datemi un martello' and the audience sang along. Rita couldn't help but getting the microphone out of Aguillar's hand and sing along.

After that, Aguillar made a 'covenant' with Teddy Reno. Aguillar would let The Clevers accompany Rita during her week in São Paulo with no charge. The only thing Aguillar wanted was to 'plant' in the local media that Rita was having an affair with Luiz Franco Thomas, or simply Netinho, the Clever's drummer. Teddy agreed without realizing that the news fly fast... and sooner than later it was all over not only Brazil but Europe...

Conjunto Lancaster de Danças Modernas & Rita Pavone after their performance at 'Reino da Juventude' - 20 June 1964 (courtesy of Paulo Hesse, the young man on the extreme left).

At first Rita's romance with Netinho was local news, but soon the international news agency caught up with the story and the hullabaloo cascaded into a tsunami.
Rita rocks while Netinho keeps the beat...
News about Rita Pavone's romance with drummer Netinho was all over Europe, including Spain...
Netinho tells Revista do Rádio he'll marry Rita in 1965.
Then, later on, Netinho tells 'Revista do Rádio' Rita has changed her mind about marrying him.
Rita & Netinho as reported in the weekly 'Oggi' in Livorno.
by the summer of 1965, Rita says the romance with Netinho, the Brazilian drummer was over.