Saturday, 22 August 2015

1967 sunset

I could say my enthusiasm for Rita Pavone had been waning as the years went by and Rita was away from the Brazilian media since mid-1965 when Brazilian rock took precedence over Italian music on the radio waves and in the minds of young-people  in the country.

As they say 'out of sight out of mind' and that's true. But even so all through 1966 and 1967 I used to go the extra mile and buy Italian magazines that arrived in Brazil by ship 3 months later to keep abreast of what Rita was doing in Europe.

1966 was a big year for Rita because she was at 'Studio Uno 66' in the early Spring and shot her best film 'Rita la zanzara' in the summer.

In early 1967 Rita was still on top with her 2nd flick 'Non stuzzicate la zanzara' and 'Little Rita nel West'. By mid 1967 Rita had been absent from the Italian Hit Parade since 'Fortissimo', her last #1 following the broadcast of 'Studio Uno'.

If there is a single fact that brought Rita's career down was when she signed a contract with Ricordi and left RCA Italiana. This was the most erratic step the singer could have ever taken.

Rita Pavone poses for the cover of her last RCA Italiana single: 'Non dimenticar le mie parole'. After that Rita enters a confusing phase that takes her anywhere but up...


  1. Também concordo que, ao trocar a gravadora RCA Italiana pela Dischi Ricordi, em 1967, Rita "freou" o trem de seu sucesso. E este erro nunca deveria ter cometido.

    1. grazie per il comentario, cara Doris.