Tuesday, 10 November 2015


with Walter Chiari thumbing up to Rome...
cambiando le scarpe per andare a Roma... 
Mother & daughter in a happy moment.

Gianni Morandi & Rita show they know how to twist...
Rita, la Mamma, Vania Protti (Teddy Reno's wife), Teddy Reno & Franco their only son in 1963.
Rita in France with an unidentified rock band circa October 1963, when Rita was in Paris to appear at Pierre Chevalier's comedy 'Clémentine chérie'.
Paris, 25th October 1963.
Rita presents Dino with the trophy for having won the 1963 Unknown Festival - the same competition she had won in 1962. 

Autumn 1963 when Rita went to Berlin to record 'Wenn ich ein Jünge wär'.


  1. Cada foto uma mais linda do que a outra. Obrigada Toto Faria pelas postagens! Doris

  2. Grazie mile per la visita ed il commento, carissima Doris...