Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fans' photo gallery

from left to right: Roberto Jentsch, Luis Fabio Miranda, Luiz Amorim, Sonia Maria de Oliveira, Silvia Paula Jentsch & Sonia Regina in São Carlos-SP circa 1967. 
Osvaldo Amorim 1966.
Silvia Jentsch, Claudete Deleva, Malú Pelaes, Anadir Rocha & Luiz Amorim on their way to São Carlos-SP for a visit to the Fan Club in early 1968. 
Lucinda Rato lip-synches 'Cuore' at Chacrinha's Talent Contest Show in 1966.
girls and boys of Conjunto Lancaster de Danças Modernas & Rita Pavone at S.Paulo's Teatro Record backstage after performing at DJ Antonio Aguillar's 'Reino da Juventude' on Saturday, 20 June 1964.

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