Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Covers of Pavone's hits

'Igual a ti não há ninguém', cover of 'Come te non c'è nessuno' in Portuguese. Album released by RCA Victor in Brazil in 1964. 

Rosemary does it on the double: 'Cuore' (Coração) and 'Il ballo del mattone' (A dança dos brotos).
Regina Célia sings 'Na minha idade' (Alla mia età) for MagiSom - 1964
Blanquita Silvan from Argentina with 'En la cima de la montaña' (Sul cucuzzolo) probably from 1964.
Shirley was a pert girl from São Paulo who used to sing at TV shows in 1964 and 1965. Not much is known about her... not even a photo.

Miguel Nastari is a Brazilian singer of Italian ancestry who could sing it well in Italian... Here he sings 'Ti ho conosciuto' that he based on Rita Pavone's recording and not of the song-writer Edoardo Vianello who sings it as 'Ti ho conosciuta'.
Conjunto Farroupilha, the label's owners recorded 'La partita di pallone' which translates as 'Porque aos domingos' (Why on Sundays).
Cidinha Santos covers 'Scrivi' which translates as 'Escreve-me'
Denise Barreto sings 'Na minha idade' (Alla mia età) in 1965, one year after Regina Célia's version.

Denise Barreto does it again; this time in 1966 with 'Supercalifragilistic-espiralidoso'.

Denise Barreto at Intervalo, Brazilian TV Guide.

'Os Velhinhos Transviados embalados' contained 'Remember me'.

'Os Velhinhos Transviados em órbita', album released in 1965,  contained 'Viva la pappa col pomodoro'.

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