Wednesday, 22 April 2015

1964 Italian summer tour

These snapshots were taken by Gian Franco Randazzo's parents while he and other kids gathered around Rita Pavone in the resort town  of Chiavari just south of Genoa in July 1964

Rita & orchestra conductor-cum-pianist Stelvio Cipriani had just been back from a World & South American tour that had taken them through dozens of cities and months of hard work. Now they were back in Italy where Rita performed at Cantagiro 1964 as a non-competitor. 

Stelvio still accompanied her until Brazilian rock-combo The Clevers arrived from South America to take Stelvio's place and continue Rita's 1964 summer-tour of Italy. 

Stelvio Cipriani, Rita & children at Chiavari, south of Genoa in July 1964.
Rita with Gian Franco Randazzo the kid who's got the pictures... and Stelvio Cipriani. 
Stelvio Cipriani, Rita Pavone talking with Chiavari people plus Mamma Pavone looking on. 

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