Thursday, 8 March 2012

on Brazilian Radio & TV

'Studio Uno 1965' as shown on Brazilian TV in 1966. TV Tupi would show 'Studio Uno' on Wednesday nights -  minus the spoken Italian parts; only the musical numbers... because the average Brazilian person does not understand Italian, even though Portuguese & Italian have similarities... Here's Rita Pavone singing 'Viva la papa col pomodoro' with the fabulous German sensation Kessler Twins...

Rita Pavone at the Zodiac column at Intervalo, Brazilian answer to US's TV Guide.

Revista do Radio 14 November 1964 - 'Scrivi' is number one at RR charts.

would-be-famous-girls at Jair Taumaturgos's radio show dress up like Rita Pavone.

'Hoje é dia de rock' - Today's is Rock Day - a Saturday afternoon show on Radio Mayrink Veiga was the most popular programme among teens in Rio de Janeiro. Jair Taumaturgo produced and Isaac Zaltman presented it to the masses.  

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