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1970 Peru & Brazil

Rita's career had taken a nose dive when she left RCA Italiana for Ricordi in late 1967. Since then she married her manager Teddy Reno and had a baby boy in August 1969. Three months later Rita saw an opportunity to come back to show business when RAI-TV decided to launch 'Canzonissima 69'.

'Canzonissima', a competition among Italy's best singers - had been a huge success in 1968 and was back again. This time Rita Pavone was the come-back-kid and sang on Canzonissima's 7th instalment on 8 November 1969. Rita presented 'Per tutta la vita' - a song first introduced by Quartetto Cetra at Festival di San Remo in 1959 and later recorded in English by Brenda Lee who took it to #1 at the Billboard charts in October 1960.

Rita was back at Canzonissima '69 on 29 November 1969 presenting 'Quelli belli come noi', actually the last song she recorded for Ricordi before she went back to RCA Italiana in 1970. Even though she sang as best she could - especially the 1959 hit - she failed to make an impression on the public not qualifying for the next round and the Great Final show on 6 January 1970 - which was won by Gianni Morandi.

As things were not so good in Italy, Teddy Reno thought a South American tour would cheer them up... Little did Mr. Reno know that Brazil was a completely different country in 1970. Times had changed... Pavone's tour was a big let down.

'Per tutta la vita' and ' Quelli belli come noi' were released by Ricordi to cash in on Rita appearance at 'Canzonissima 1969'. They turned out to be the last two songs Rita recorded for Ricordi for she was signed back by RCA Italiana in early 1970. 

R i t a    P a v o n e    i n   B r a z i l    i n    M a y    1 9 7 0 

Rita Pavone was back in Brazil for the 4th time in May 1970. It would be her 3rd singing tour. She was riding a new personal phase after having had a baby-boy in August 1969 and taken part at Canzonissima 1969-1970.

Things in South America were completely different though. By the late 1960s Italian music had taken a deep dive in Brazil having been superceded by the Anglo-American juggernaut. 

After 6 years living under a harsh military dictatorship things were not the same. On top of that, Rita's manager-cum-husband Teddy Reno wasn't very smart this time and bungled the whole thing when he hired the services of Argentine impresario Marcos Lazaro.

Mr. Marcos Lazaro was born in Argentina but he operated mostly from Brazil. He had a monopoly on the most popular Brazilian talents like Roberto Carlos and Elis Regina. Mr. Lazaro neglected Rita Pavone's tour and when the couple arrived in São Paulo, Teddy realized almost nothing had been done in the way of advertising Rita's tour.  

Rita ended up singing only one night at Teatro Olimpiá, that had been converted from old Art-Deco Cine Rex in Bela Vista.

Rita Pavone in a Lima hotel, prior to her flying to Brazil in May 1970. 

Ms. Pavone and DJ Guillermo Llerena Godoy in Lima, Peru in the winter of 1970.

Here's what Guillermo Llerena Godoy wrote about interviewing Rita Pavone at the lobby Hotel Crillon on Avenida Nicolás de Piérola, 589, Lima, Perú, in April 1970; the same hotel which had received the likes of Los Cinco Latinos, The Platters, Enrique Guzman, Neil Sedaka, Antonio Prieto and Emilio Perícoli, who I had also interviewed. 

I made the interview using a little Capitol cassette-recorder I had bought in my first trip to the U.S.A. Rita talked about her childhood, her career as a recording artist, as an actress and mainly that she missed her little baby badly who had remained back in Italy. When she talked about the baby she became kind of sad but she soon would come to her animated self again.

I played the interview in my radio show 'Su amigo musical' at Radio El Sol. How could we forget such hits as 'Que me importa el mundo', 'Si tuviera un martillo', 'Corazón', 'El partido de football', 'El baile del ladrillo', 'A mi edade', 'Ay ay ay muchacho' and other hits she recorded for RCA Victor.

Rita in Rio de Janeiro in May 1970.
Rita Pavone sings at night club Pocket Show near Avenida Santo Amaro in Sao Paulo after mid-night 8 May 1970.
7 May 1970 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
Rita climbs down from the stage and joins the public singing Mexican ever-green 'Solamente una vez' (Voglio amarti così) written by Agustin Lara in 1941 when he heard that singer-actor Jose Mojica would become a priest. Teatro Aquarius, Sao Paulo, 7 May 1970. 

Lucinda Rato, Luiz Amorim & an unidentified fan applaud Rita Pavone in Sao Paulo on 7 May 1970.

Rita Pavone in Porto Alegre-RS in May 1970

Rita arrives at Porto Alegre airport in May 1970. 

One could safely say Italian singer Rita Pavone has performed in no more than 4 Brazilian cities in the 3 times Rita have visited the country as an entertainer.

In June 1964 Rita performed for 4 days in São Paulo's Teatro Record plus 2 performances (on 25 June 1964) in Rio de Janeiro on TV Rio Channel 13.

Rita was back in April 1965 where she more or less did the same thing: 5 days in São Paulo plus one day in Rio de Janeiro.

Then, in 1968, newly-wed Rita Pavone and her manager-husband Teddy Reno visited São Paulo, Guarujá and spent most of their honey-moon time in Rio de Janeiro. She did not perform this time, only talking to journalists about general subjects and maybe plugging her latest single 'Pippo non lo sa' issued by Ricordi in Italy and Chantecler in Brazil.

On 7 May 1970, Rita had an only performance at Teatro Olimpiá in São Paulo. She flew to Rio de Janeiro the following day where she sang at Canecão night club on 8 May at midnight. On 9 May 1970 she flew south to Porto Alegre-RS where she performed at Associação Leopoldina Juvenil Club. Back in Rio de Janeiro, Rita sang on Agildo Ribeiro's TV show on 11 May 1970.

Rita Pavone dressed as Marilyn Monroe sings 'I wanna be loved by you' at Porto Alegre's Associação Leopoldina Juvenil. 

Rita & Teddy Reno give an interview at their hotel in Porto Alegre.

Rita Pavone was back in Brazil on 16 November 1987, this time sans-Teddy Reno but accompanied by Laura Trentacarlini as her supporting act. Rita performed in São Paulo from 23 to 28 November 1987. Then, she flew to Rio de Janeiro and later on 3 December 1987 Rita sang in Belo Horizonte-MG making it the 4th Brazilian city she had performed. 


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