Monday, 11 August 2014

a fan scrap book

This song-book cum scrap-book belonged to Silvia Paula Jentsch, an eager music fan who fell in love with Rita Pavone in 1964, as most Brazilians did in that period. Silvia was also an avid buyer of weekly and monthly show-business magazines like 'Revista do Rádio', 'Vamos cantar' (published only lyrics), 'Modinhas populares' (only lyrics), 'Melodias' (lyrics plus articles and photos), 'Revista do Rock' (lyrics and articles), 'Intervalo' (TV guide), '7 dias na TV' (TV guide), 'Manchete', 'O Cruzeiro' etc. 

Silvia filled out at least 5 thick note-books with lyrics clippings she cut out from such magazines plus a few photos small enough to fit the format. Seen it as a whole those books look like an art form in itself besides being very informative. She worked mostly from 1961 through 1965

Going through the pages of Silvia's scrap-book is like taking a kaleidoscopic travel through the first half of the 1960s constellation of stars like The Beatles, The Clevers, Trini Lopez, The Animals, Rolling Stones, The Trashmen, Hullabaloos, Bobby Solo, Roberto Carlos, Catherine Spaak, Emilio Pericoli, Prini Lorez, Peggy March, Manuela, Gigliola Cinquetti, Rosemary, Petula Clark, Adriano Celentano, Giancarlo Guardabassi, Wanderlea, Michele, Sergio Endrigo, Astrud Gilberto but mainly Rita Pavone. 

Silvia Paula Jentsch is the one wearing glasses on the top left;  then clockwise Totó Faria is next to her, next comes Irene and finally Malú Pelaes, all celebrating Xmas 1973 - almost 10 years after.


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  2. Precioso registro... Naquela época adorávamos fazer álbum do artista amado, cada qual a seu modo!!!