Thursday, 8 June 2017

Rita in Rio 1964

'Correio da Manhã' 24 June 1964.

'Correio da Manhã' 20 October 1963; music columnist Claribalte Passos pans Rita Pavone's 1st album released by RCA. He claims Pavone's repertoire is 'not good'. I wonder how he came to this conclusion; 'Correio da Manhã' 14 June 1964 - columnist Sergio Bittencourt comments Rita Pavone's transit at Galeão on his Sunday column.  
'Correio da Manhã' 13 June 1964; while the country was still reeling from a military putsch against democracy, Rita Pavone flew in 'en route' to Buenos Aires. She was spotted by the press while drinking a soft-drink at Galeão's coffee-shop. 
'Correio da Manhã' 21 June 1964. 
'Correio' Thursday, 25 June 1964; 'Correio', Sunday 28 June 1964; 'Correio'  Friday, 24 July 1964 - TV Rio presented Rita Pavone on Thursday 25 June, then repeated the video-tape on Sunday, 28 June; a month later Friday 24 July 1964, TV Rio did it again.  
'Correio da Manhã' 5 July 1964; music columnist Claribalte Passos definitely changes his opinion about Rita Pavone, but he still calls her voice 'pequenina'... I wonder how in the world he came to that conclusion... Pavone's voice may be called everything but 'small'. 

'Correio da Manhã' 2 April 1965; Rita Pavone always had some bad press. Usually people who rejected her voice as 'harsh', high-pitched or unpleasant. Here's Correio da Manhã's 'Agriculture Supplement' being tongue-in-cheek about the diminutive singer's piercing voice and its effects on the killing of ants.

'Correio da Manhã' 1st May 1965; Rita returns to Rio less than a year after...

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