Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Claudete's scrap book 1964

Claudete Deleva was a friend of mine whom I met through the Rita Pavone Fan Club in 1966, in S.Paulo. The first time I went to visit her in Agua Raza, in the Eastern part of town she showed myself and Silvia Jentsch her scrap book she had started in late 1963 through 1964 and early 1965. Here are some of the photos of that scrap-book. 

Rita was on the cover of most pop-music magazines
Rita was also head-line on Folha de S.Paulo when she arrived in June 1914.
this was the 'official' Rita Pavone photo
daily 'Ultima Hora' showed who Rita Pavone was even before she arrived here 
the talk of romance between Rita & Netinho started soon after the 1st few concerts they did together

Rita had 'Datemi un martello' and 'Scrivi' on the top ot the singles' charts
Rita sang nightly at Teatro Record from 23 to 28 June 1964, except on the Thursday 25 which she flew to Rio.
Rita at the interview she gave to the Brazilian press in São Paulo. Ademar Dutra shows her a Cauby photo.

Vandinha was one of many Rita Pavone-look-alikes
on the first page of Folha de S.Paulo

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