Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A scrap-book bought in a flee-market

Doris Castro found this scrap-book one Sunday morning while browsing around at a flee-market in Bela Vista, São Paulo. She bought it for a certain amount of money she has never revealed. The original owner's identity is a mystery. Somehow it seems like it's a girl's work but it could have been a boy's too. It is mostly made up of articles and photos clipped out of newspapers and magazines. Supposing she was a girl, she used to buy two or three copies of the same magazine so she could cut out material from both sides of a page whenever the article ran longer than 2 sheets.

She also had a special way of getting Rita Pavone's record sleeves straight from an RCA Victor outlet for she pasted most of Pavone's record covers on her scrap-book.

The scrap-book was made of material printed between early 1964 and May 1965, precisely the period in which Rita Pavone was most popular in Brazil. If one wanted to chronicle Pavone meteoric rise and fall in the Brazilian skies one could not be luckier than stumbling into this very treasure.

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