Wednesday, 3 September 2014

1964 - 1965 in Brazil scrap-book

Rita was a sensation at her press conference on Monday, 22 June 1964 at Terrazza Martini on Rua Barão de Itapetininga. São Paulo radio people and journalists were there like the 4 guys who surround the petite singer: Ademar Dutra (Radio Nacional), José Carlos Romeu (Radio Excelsior), Moracy do Val ('Folha de S.Paulo') and Ferreira Martins (Radio Piratininga).

Rita Pavone & Paul Anka in a TV show in Germany in 1964
Rita was given a brand-new guitar by Giannini, the best manufacturer in Brazil
Rita sings at Teatro Record in São Paulo in April 1965.
in São Paulo in 1965
Rita and Mummy go to see a play in Rio de Janeiro in 1965.
at a collective interview in São Paulo in 1965.
Rita had a toothache in Rio de Janeiro in May 1965.
Rita in April 1965.
Brazilian press had a field-day with Rita 
Rita & her manager Teddy Reno that usually introduced her show at the theatre.
'Viva la pappa' introduced to Brazilians in April 1965 wasn't as successful as her rock tunes
more articles in magazines and Teatro Record 1964 booklet
Vandinha was one of many Rita Pavone look-alike 

Rita in Rio - 1965

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