Wednesday, 26 November 2014

August 1963 - RP's 1st release in Brazil

RCA Victor add at Radiolandia's 15 August 1963 issue announces Rita Pavone's first release in Brazil: an E.P. entitled simply 'Rita Pavone' containing 'La partita di pallone', 'Come te non c'è nessuno', 'Alla mia età' and 'Clementine Chérie'.

6 August 1963 - a little note in S.Paulo daily 'Diario da Noite' says: Rita Pavone the greatest European sensation has had her first disc released here; it is an extended-play  containing 'La partita di pallone', 'Come te non c'è nessuno', 'Alla mia età' & 'Clementine Cherie'.

Almost a year later - June 1964 - Rita Pavone visits Brazil and becomes a celebrity over-night.

26 June 1964 - S.Paulo daily 'Diario da Noite' says Rita Pavone would sing at a function promoted by them, but that was a bald lie since Pavone was under contract to perform at TV Record their concorrent. It's amazing how much the Brazilian could lie to the public and get away with.

27 June 1964 - 'Diario da Noite' keep on lying about Rita Pavone singing at 'Ouro para o bem do Brasil' (Gold for the good of Brazil) a civic campaign organized by the promoters of the Coup d'etat of 1st April 1964 that overthrew the democratic government of President João Goulart and installed a bloody Dictatorship that lasted a quarter of a century.

29 June 1964 - Rita Pavone finally paid her visit to the main building of Diarios Associados to donate something made of gold to the campaign 'Gold for Brazil's good'. 'Diario da Noite' finally tells the truth: Rita Pavone has spent just a few minutes at the lobby of the great hall, had a look at some of the jewlery given by other people and said 'Good-bye'.

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